Preschool Aquatic
Swimming Program

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We All Come from Water

At birth we have been in warm water for nine months and naturally water is a great source of comfort for young babies. Baby swimming as such has been around for centuries. In many Oceanic countries babies are informally re-introduced to the water from birth as a matter of course and are swimming unaided by the time they are walking. Swimming as play has always been a great source of enjoyment for people all over the world. More than this, children are shown that water should not be feared but enjoyed and respected.

What Our Families Say

My 5 year old was absolutely terrified of swimming. After 2 terms at Emma’s Babyswim she now swims independently. Before coming to Emma’s Babyswim we have tried multiple chain swimming schools with no success. The teachers just couldn’t connect with my daughter. At Emma’s Babyswim she finally found her confidence. Teacher Rebecca is highly skilled and extraordinary on a interpersonal level! Thank you so much for your excellence.

Magdalena Bader

So glad we started out swimming journey at Emma’s. Staff know what they’re doing and were very good at explaining the progressions. Love the fact that the classes are kept small and personal and the facilities are always clean!

Anna Ananijevski

Great facility. Well run with awesome teachers.

Ken Woodworth

I have had three children learn to swim at Emma’s and it has been a fabulous experience. My children have learned to become confident and safe swimmers from a young age. The lessons are made fun for little ones.

Belinda Howe

Great place! Friendly staff and awesome swimming Teachers, my son is having a great time.

Lirian Cunha Coelho

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