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We All Come from Water

At birth we have been in warm water for nine months and naturally water is a great source of comfort for young babies. Baby swimming as such has been around for centuries. In many Oceanic countries babies are informally re-introduced to the water from birth as a matter of course and are swimming unaided by the time they are walking. Swimming as play has always been a great source of enjoyment for people all over the world. More than this, children are shown that water should not be feared but enjoyed and respected.

Enroll In Melbourne’s Leading Baby Swimming School

Emma’s Babyswim is Melbourne’s leading baby swim school. We have experienced qualified teachers on board who specialise in teaching babies, infants and young children. Through our program, your child will be able to adopt good safety habits in, on and near water. We teach breath control techniques, motor and swim survival skills. More importantly, we’ll equip them with water safety behaviors so they will be safe swimmers throughout their lives. They’ll learn to never swim alone or without adult supervision.

With our small classes, we’ll be able to give you and your child ample time and attention for their growth. Our teachers are friendly and knowledgeable so we’ll be able to guide your child to develop based on their natural aptitude. We make the entire before and after process of your swim sessions as convenient and stress-free as possible by making our facilities family-friendly. Furthermore, our baby swimming school provides an age-appropriate atmosphere for your child to learn in. Take an active part in your child’s swimming journey by participating alongside them. Your involvement is crucial to them reaching new milestones, helping provide a comfortable and nurturing environment. You’ll also be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to keep them safe in the water outside class. Enroll in our program today.

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What Our Families Say

  • Where my grand daughter learnt to swim

    Let_everybody_be_happy Avatar

    I have had three children learn to swim at Emma's and it has been a fabulous experience. My children have learned to become confident and safe swimmers from a young age. The lessons are made fun for little ones.

    Belinda Howe Avatar
    Belinda Howe

    Great facility. Well run with awesome teachers.

    Ken Woodworth Avatar
    Ken Woodworth
  • Great place! Friendly staff and awesome swimming Teachers, my son is having a great time.

    Lirian Cunha Coelho Avatar
    Lirian Cunha Coelho

    So glad we started out swimming journey at Emma's. Staff know what they're doing and were very good at explaining the progressions. Love the fact that the classes are kept small and personal and the facilities are always clean!

    Anna Ananijevski Avatar
    Anna Ananijevski

    A great program with brilliant outcomes and a warm friendly environment.

    Benjamin Hermesdorf Avatar
    Benjamin Hermesdorf
  • Amazing swim school with wonderful staff. Their caring and specialized approach gets incredible results

    Elli Green Avatar
    Elli Green

    We have been attending classes at Emma’s babyswim since 2014. Both our children have learnt valuable water safety and swimming skills from 6mths of age and are very confident around water.Highly recommend this service with small classes, clean environment and a very family friendly set up.

    Lauren Coleman Avatar
    Lauren Coleman

    We love Emma’s Swim School. There is only ever one class running at a time so my son doesn’t get distracted and our Teacher Amber is excellent. Attends to each child individually and actually cares.. Emma is also very caring and very involved in the kids.

    Vicki McClay Avatar
    Vicki McClay
  • Super good ! Teachers are very patient. My son enjoys swimming there

    Cheng Jack Avatar
    Cheng Jack

    We have been going to Emma’s babyswim for a few years now, they are a great swim school and we highly recommend them. Our 3 year old daughter has learnt so much and swims so well and our 4 month old will be starting soon.

    Laura Avatar

    The kids love this place and love Emma and all the teachers. Fantastic caring nature has helped our 2 kids learn to swim on their own. At 6, our eldest can swim all strokes on her own. A great place for kids to learn a life long lesson, highly recommended.

    Alistair Birch Avatar
    Alistair Birch
  • Fantastic learning environment for babies and toddlers. Staff are friendly and happy. Swimming instructors are brilliant with the children. I couldn't ask for a better place for my child to learn to swim. Keep up the great work.

    Caroline Thomas Avatar
    Caroline Thomas

    Love Emmas Babyswim! Teachers are great and are knowledgeable. They are so accommodating to the child's needs. Even a play pen to keep the kids entertained while you can get dressed so they're not causing havoc. Love that you are not a number and it is more personable than other centres.

    Jessica McILrath Avatar
    Jessica McILrath

    There is no doubt that this swim school is like no other, I am amazed each week at what my kids learn to do and each week they are excited to get in the pool. Emma and her team do an amazing job of grouping kids not just on their age but also their ability. I can't recommend Emma's Babyswim enough.

    Bianca Lucas Avatar
    Bianca Lucas
  • My son just enjoy swimming there that Kerry is very good with kids. She has so many games to share with my son. Excellent classes!

    Kam Ching Chan Avatar
    Kam Ching Chan
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