Toddler Swimming Lessons

Have your child participate in toddler swimming lessons to grow their skills in the water. Emma’s Babyswim can help teach them formative swim techniques and useful water safety habits. Encourage them to become fully fledged swimmers by doing your part, as our classes are designed for parent and child participation. Your involvement in doing the same activities as them will foster a sense of ease and comfort in their learning process.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to prompt water safety behaviors and look after your child outside of classroom environments. Our goal is to make your toddler comfortable being in and around the water. This way, you can play an active role in nurturing them to become healthier, happier and safer swimmers. For more information, enquire now. Enjoy your free trial with Emma’s Babyswim today.

Emma’s Babyswim Specialised Toddler Swimming Lessons

Our program is structured into 12 week terms. With half hour weekly sessions, you’ll be able to stay engaged and motivated. More importantly, our teachers provide an age appropriate atmosphere for your child. Our activities are designed for your toddler’s physical, emotional and intellectual development in the water.

We’ll help your child grow fundamental skills that will serve as the right basis to gain competent motor skills for floating. Equipping them with the necessary practice to become independent swimmers, join our toddler swimming lessons. There’s no prior requirement to enroll in our classes as they are flexible to accommodate various levels. We want to encourage your child’s natural progression. Emma’s Babyswim is all about introducing your little one to the water in a relaxed and supportive environment. Book your first class today and enjoy great bonding moments with your toddler.

baby toddler swim lesson
swimming lessons for toddlers

Safe And Professional Toddler Swimming Lessons

Our small class size, friendly and hands-on teachers will let your child experience the water with complete peace of mind. There’s no team more qualified than our personalised and skilled specialist teachers to teach both babies and parents. If you’re feeling reluctant about letting your child enroll without any previous experience, don’t worry. Our classes cater to different levels and will allow your child to grow based on their natural aptitude. We have programs available for babies as young as 12 weeks old to tiny tots and kindergarten children.

Take advantage of this period to help your toddler develop motor skills and water survival instincts. The ease of which young babies and toddlers take to the water will help them better grow into stronger, smarter swimmers. It’s a wonderful milestone that you can help accomplish by getting your child to start learning early.

What Our Families Say

My 5 year old was absolutely terrified of swimming. After 2 terms at Emma’s Babyswim she now swims independently. Before coming to Emma’s Babyswim we have tried multiple chain swimming schools with no success. The teachers just couldn’t connect with my daughter. At Emma’s Babyswim she finally found her confidence. Teacher Rebecca is highly skilled and extraordinary on a interpersonal level! Thank you so much for your excellence.

-Magdalena Bader

So glad we started out swimming journey at Emma’s. Staff know what they’re doing and were very good at explaining the progressions. Love the fact that the classes are kept small and personal and the facilities are always clean!

-Anna Ananijevski

Great facility. Well run with awesome teachers.

-Ken Woodworth

I have had three children learn to swim at Emma’s and it has been a fabulous experience. My children have learned to become confident and safe swimmers from a young age. The lessons are made fun for little ones.

-Belinda Howe

Great place! Friendly staff and awesome swimming Teachers, my son is having a great time.

-Lirian Cunha Coelho

Join Emma’s Babyswim’s Toddler Swimming Lessons Today

We’ve helped families give their children the confidence to swim. With our experience, we understand the little things that matter to make your toddler’s learning of this essential life skill seamless. Our pool facilities are family-friendly and our classes are made for an enjoyable and meaningful experience for parents and children alike. If you’d like supportive teachers, well-kept change areas and a relaxed, fun environment, choose Emma’s Babyswim. Give your little one a headstart in the water by joining our toddler swimming lessons today.