How To Teach A Baby To Swim

If you’re wondering how to teach a baby to swim, learning together with Emma’s Babyswim will help you gain an incredible start. Book your free trial today. Emma’s Babyswim offers personalised, small sized classes to give you intimate bonding time with your baby. Experience the water like never before with your child. Learn about water safety and breath control techniques to help your child grow and enhance their motor skills. Soon, they’ll be able to support themselves and move comfortably and calmly through water. Encourage a lifelong love for the water in your baby by making learning to swim fun and enjoyable with Emma’s Babyswim. Enquire online for more information and enjoy your free trial.

How To Teach A Baby To Swim

In your baby’s beginners level classes, you’ll be able to do parent-child water play with your baby. This helps them get used to being in the water, moreover accustomed to being in a pool. It’s a process you can begin by first acclimatising them to smaller bodies of water like at home in the bath. Just get them to enjoy floating as you hold them and familiarise with the feeling of water on their skin. Slowly you can help your baby get over any fears they may have. Aside from their comfort in the water, consider their emotional maturity, physical and developmental abilities or limitations when starting your child in swimming lessons. More than anything, to teach your child to float, tread and find a way out of the water, you need to do things alongside them. Their breath control, dive and frog leg reflex is something you can prompt by performing the same tasks as them. At Emma’s Babyswim, we offer weekly half hour baby and parent swim lessons. Engaging and fun with an emphasis on safety, you’ll be able to take an active part in your child’s growth towards becoming confident, healthier swimmers.
how to teach babies to swimming
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Benefits of Teaching A Baby To Swim

Babies can learn to swim at a very young age, as young as twelve weeks. They’re born with an affinity for warm watery environments. The earlier you start, the more comfortable they will be in the water and get used to the feeling of floating. With their rapid motor and sensory development, you’ll be able to take advantage of their natural reflexes. When you place your baby in a dive position, they will automatically hold their breath. This instinct is called the dive reflex which will diminish around four months old. Babies also move well in the water. When a baby is on their tummy, this will prompt their amphibian reflex and make their legs move like a frog in the water. Babies under six months old also float well because of the high fat content in their bodies. The earlier you start your baby’s swimming journey, the better chances they have at quickly adapting to the water and gaining basic swimming competency. If they begin under the age of six months and attend consistently, they’ll be able to swim around eighteen months. The benefits of an early introduction to the water are endless. From water safety to healthy physical growth, your baby will be able to reach various social, mental and emotional developmental milestones.

What Our Families Say

My 5 year old was absolutely terrified of swimming. After 2 terms at Emma’s Babyswim she now swims independently. Before coming to Emma’s Babyswim we have tried multiple chain swimming schools with no success. The teachers just couldn’t connect with my daughter. At Emma’s Babyswim she finally found her confidence. Teacher Rebecca is highly skilled and extraordinary on a interpersonal level! Thank you so much for your excellence.

-Magdalena Bader

So glad we started out swimming journey at Emma’s. Staff know what they’re doing and were very good at explaining the progressions. Love the fact that the classes are kept small and personal and the facilities are always clean!

-Anna Ananijevski

Great facility. Well run with awesome teachers.

-Ken Woodworth

I have had three children learn to swim at Emma’s and it has been a fabulous experience. My children have learned to become confident and safe swimmers from a young age. The lessons are made fun for little ones.

-Belinda Howe

Great place! Friendly staff and awesome swimming Teachers, my son is having a great time.

-Lirian Cunha Coelho

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At Emma’s Babyswim, we provide 12-week length terms for our baby swimming class Melbourne program. Our sessions are designed to be personalised, fun and accommodating. With a small attendance size, you’ll be able to have a more private environment. Additionally, there is no prior experience required as we gear our classes to be baby, infant and kid-friendly. With classes aimed at babies as young as three months old to children as old as five, your child will be able to learn and grow comfortably at their pace. Claim your free trial today.