Swimming Lessons For Babies Under 6 Months

Emma’s Babyswim encourages parent participation throughout our baby swimming lessons. Equipping you with the water safety habits to look after your child, you’ll be able to take an active part in their growth. Give your child a headstart with swimming lessons for babies under 6 months. Enjoy a free trial with Emma’s Babyswim and help them become confident swimmers.

Intimate Swimming Lessons For Babies Under 6 Months

Our classes are designed to build on the skills and confidence of your baby to develop physically, socially and emotionally in the water. Expect your baby to be happy and confident to submerge themselves. If you’d like gentle water familiarisation and a great bonding experience between mum or dad with the baby and the water in each lesson, look no further. Play an active role in building on your baby’s buoyancy skills to independent floating. Our specialised teachers provide an age appropriate environment, with classes and activities suited to your baby’s natural aptitude. Keeping classes small, personalised and fun will create a comfortable environment for baby and parent while highlighting the importance of water safety. With no prior skills required, you’ll be able to enroll babies as young as three months old without worry.
swimming lessons for babies
swimming babies under 6 months

Start Early And Help Your Baby Learn To Swim

Building confidence, accepting and feeling comfortable in the water is what Emma’s baby swimming lessons are about. Our teachers will help you learn breath control techniques alongside your baby so you can both go underwater safely.

Babies are born with a natural affinity to warm water environments. They are also born with many reflexes that allow them to swim without being taught. Unfortunately many of these reflexes will disappear very early in life, which is why it is important to start early so that they can be capitalised on. Babies under 6 months old also float really well due to their higher body fat percentage. As your baby grows and begins to become more mobile, we teach efficient and effective movements through water. A baby that starts lessons under the age of 6 months and progresses consistently can usually swim around the age of 18 months or sometimes even earlier. The advantages of an early introduction to water don’t just stop at water safety, there are many physical and mental developmental advantages as well. Furthermore, you’ll be able to gain a unique bonding experience with your baby while helping them nurture their water survival instincts.

What Our Families Say

My 5 year old was absolutely terrified of swimming. After 2 terms at Emma’s Babyswim she now swims independently. Before coming to Emma’s Babyswim we have tried multiple chain swimming schools with no success. The teachers just couldn’t connect with my daughter. At Emma’s Babyswim she finally found her confidence. Teacher Rebecca is highly skilled and extraordinary on a interpersonal level! Thank you so much for your excellence.

-Magdalena Bader

So glad we started out swimming journey at Emma’s. Staff know what they’re doing and were very good at explaining the progressions. Love the fact that the classes are kept small and personal and the facilities are always clean!

-Anna Ananijevski

Great facility. Well run with awesome teachers.

-Ken Woodworth

I have had three children learn to swim at Emma’s and it has been a fabulous experience. My children have learned to become confident and safe swimmers from a young age. The lessons are made fun for little ones.

-Belinda Howe

Great place! Friendly staff and awesome swimming Teachers, my son is having a great time.

-Lirian Cunha Coelho

Join Swimming Lessons For Babies Under 6 Months Old

Would you like a professional, friendly atmosphere where you can learn all you need so your baby will grow healthier, happier and stronger as swimmers. Join Emma’s Babyswim swimming lessons for babies under 6 months old. The earlier you begin your baby’s swimming journey, the better they will adapt and learn to be safer in and around the water. Claim your free trial today.